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Decentralized Micro-tasks Platform Earn cryptocurrency on the move


Earn Crypto On
Your Mobile Phone

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Fragments platform will provide millions of people with easy access to simple micro-tasks that cannot be performed by AI.
These tasks can be completed on your smartphone, while traveling on the train, waiting for your coffee, even during television ad breaks.


Open standard for new micro-task economy

The Platform will allow developers to generate income, by building new micro-task apps and expanding to new markets.

Smart contracts ensure fair reward distribution for all participants -- developers, workers, and companies.

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Extendible for and by companies

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Sentiment analysis

Sentiment & emotion analysis

Sentiment analysis

Sound & voice annotation

Sentiment analysis

Image tagging & labeling

Sentiment analysis

On-demand Data collection

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Sentiment analysis

Opinion collection

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Meet the Team


David Hrachový

Founder/Director at PrimeHammer, who provide software consulting and development for FinTech and blockchain companies. David has over 11 years experience in the IT industry. He has worked with systems handling transactions totalling over hundreds of millions of dollars. He holds a masters degree in Computer Science from Masaryk University, is the founder of 'Ruby Stories' and is an early crypto adopter.


Kristian Kozák

Captivated by the newest advances in cybersecurity and machine learning, Kristian has achieved a research internship at one of the leading cybersecurity research centers (MC2 , near Washington, D.C.) and taken part in machine learning competitions such as ACM RecSys, Challenge 2017. He is currently finishing a master’s degree in Information Technology Security at MUNI Brno, with two exchange semesters spent studying machine learning and security at TU Wien and JKU Linz. He is a blockchain enthusiast who has programmed his own Monero parser, and is a lover of skiing and snowboarding.


Joseph Deignan

An old-school financier, passionate about the future of the financial and legal industries and focused on FinTech, RegTech and Crypto, Joseph was instantly captivated by the opportunities for the micro-task Apps platform and excited about funding it. Besides Fragments time. Jo is busy trying to foresee the Securities Tokenization models of the future and train the next generation of talent at Brno’s Blockchain Accelerator.


Petr Šigut

StartupYard alumnus, Petr founded the #1 care marketplace in Czechia. Besides his developer experience with SF startups, he holds a masters degree in Service Science, Management and Engineering by Masaryk University. He is a Co-founding member of the Czech Shared Economy Association and responsible for onboarding startups & corporations on the Fragments platform.


Ondřej Raška
Blockchain Developer

Ondrej is an experienced software engineer, focused on web related technologies and smart contracts. Before joining the Fragments team, he created more than 50 web applications, several chrome extensions, dozens of CLI tools and one Android game. He has been experimenting with blockchain since 2012 and nowadays developing Ethereum smart contracts in Solidity.


Petr Blahutka
Full-stack Engineer

A full-stack engineer who has worked on a wide range of applications, including CMS for newspapers, survey systems and blockchain projects for multinational corporations. Over 10+ years of engineering experience on both back-end and front-end. Background in economics, corporate finance & taxes. Enthusiastic traveller, world citizen and Couchsurfing community member.


Tamás Kriváchy
Business Outreach

After acquiring a degree at ETH Zürich, Tamás relocated to Geneva, Switzerland, to pursue a PhD related to quantum cryptography. He invests his time in analyzing crypto markets and developing trading algorithms exploiting machine learning. Represents Fragments in the Crypto Valley Association based in Zug.


Ondřej Žádník

Ondrej holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and has obtained full-stack developer experience from all over Central Europe, e.g he recently helped a Berlin-based tasks management startup. Ondrej is expertly versatile, from front-end CSS3.JS frameworks, to back-end database performance-tuning, he also writes tests for smart contracts in Solidity. He’s a creator of payment processing library in Ruby and the record holder of catching the largest freshwater pike.


Lubomir Vnenk
Full-stack Engineer

Machine learning enthusiast, with masters’ degrees from Slovakia and Belgium in computer science. Currently studying the reasons behind procrastination at work and ways to mitigate it, using machine learning and user behaviour patterns. CTO of SWIPS software, helping chess tournament organizers manage players and pair their tournaments. Slovak Chess Champion U10. Cryptocurrency fan, with hopes they will overcome pointless regulations.


Lukáš Augusta

Has worked as part of the internal design team in a $1B+ startup. He is a Front-end designer specialising in user experience, who designs and codes web & mobile applications. He holds as a bachelor’s degree in System engineering and computer science, from a program specialized in web applications at Mendel University in Brno.